Who We Are

Established in 1999, Darendeli Holding is a leading investment holding company based in Istanbul, Turkey. With over 20 years of high-level investment success with a diversified portfolio of investments that spans the regions in sectors that include construction, infrastructure, energy, automotive, technology, agriculture, medical, security and other diversified investments. We believe that our continuous research and development is what allows us to establish efficient and environmentally friendly business practices and to remain competitive in an ever changing market.

Despite exposure to highly volatile geographies, Turkey’s growing economy and our unique business model which is based upon equal measures of expertise and diversification has helped us minimize risk every step of the way. As a result, the company has consistently delivered value to achieving an impressive return on equity over the period from the beginning to now.

With 11 subsidiary companies, we currently employ more than 1,300 people and has the potential for ongoing job creation as companies and investments mature. As long-term investors, we take pride in growing the businesses in which we invest and positively contributing to the economic growth of the region.

Having customers and operations in 25 countries with offices in 3 different continents, Darendeli Holding has flourished during the past decade and has opened doors for private sector investments in strategic sectors that had once been off limits.


  • Established in 1999
  • 1,300+ employees
  • 11 subsidiary companies focused on different industries
  • Customers in 25 countries including Fortune 500
  • Direct operations in 71 cities of Turkey
  • Headquartered in Istanbul and offices in Ankara, New York, Moscow, New Delhi
  • 700 middle and large size projects completed in the past 10 years within the budget
  • Ranked in the Top 10 for the Fastest Growing Companies
  • Boards seats in the publicly traded companies
  • International awards and certificates of quality standards
  • Global M&A partners and solution providers