Road Constructions


Heavy traffic areas of the bridge construction, on the road, the lower the road, the road on the top highway expansion and editing as we can. We  can design and built the highway bridge projects.

Underpass or Overpass is another alternative to a bridge or other road works, studies are conducted, taking into account the intensity of the attentive and able to conduct the planned activities.

The plans and programs prepared by the engineering team that we represent the interests of the public or private organization working to keep the highest level. With our team of technical institutions highway, viaduct construction, we can meet the needs of the highway as the way to the top.


The ‘Road and Bridge Constructions’, the symbol of the development of the cities, is an assertive work of our expert project group in the field.

Having successfully completed many projects in Turkey, Darendeli Holding has been carrying out road and bridge projects in different provinces.

Darendeli Holding and its related companies have successfully completed a range of large-scale road projects. In doing so, we have become recognised as one of the leading international design and construction contractors in Europe and Asia. We have the skills and experience to successfully deliver projects ranging from regional roads and bridges through to major tollways, expressways and bypasses in urban areas.

Our services encompass design, development, construction and operation and maintenance.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Tollways and expressways
  • Highways and arterials
  • Local roads
  • Bridges
  • Access and haul roads
  • Tunnels
  • Runways
  • Embankments


Darendeli Holding and our related companies have extensive tunnelling experience in rail, road, water and oil and gas projects throughout Europe and Asia.

Darendeli Holding’s tunnelling expertise encompasses all major tunnelling methods, from earth pressure balanced and slurry tunnel boring machines, to roadheaders and drill and blast.

Darendeli Holding also has extensive experience with in-tunnel works such as pipelines and rail track installations, electrical and mechanical works, cladding and portal construction.

All tunnel and associated works are carried out in accordance with Darendeli Holding’s established safety, quality and environmental management systems and therefore achieve the highest possible construction industry standards.