Investor Relations

The Rising Value of Turkey

Investor Relations Philosophy

Darendeli Holding is committed to optimizing long-term value for its shareholders and believes that ensuring transparency of operations is an intrinsic part of its corporate responsibility. The company has adopted regular and open communication channels. Its communication program goes beyond statutory disclosure and reporting norms and voluntarily adheres to best international practices. The company is confident that these practices will enable it to establish enduring relationships with all its investors, other important market constituents and the society at large.

Activity Fields

Security Technologies, Software Development, Low Current Systems, Facial Recognition Systems, Geographical Information Systems(GIS), Computer Hardware, Volume Licensing, System Integration and TV & Media.

Focused Industries

Public Institutions, Municipalities, Banks,
Shopping Malls, Universities, Hospitals, Security Companies, Private Sector Organizations.

Companies and Brands

Our subsidiaries that serve under Darendeli Holding are Pikselsoft, Rhxo Technology Inc., Maraton Teknoloji, Mavi Nokta, PikselLock and Ekonometri TV.
Qualified Employees
Years in Business
Cities in Turkey
Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

Labor Distribution

The quality of our people makes us stand out. We hire and retain only the best professionals. We set up a thorough personnel selection process and a challenging environment to grow and improve our large resource pool of top-notch experts. With our direct operations in 66 cities of Turkey, labor distribution that we carry out together with our subsidiaries clearly reveals our philosophical perspective.

Project and Site Management