Darendeli Holding and its related companies are leaders in the design, construction and installation of pipelines and related infrastructure.

The Group has completed onshore and offshore pipelines enabling the distribution of a range of materials including water, wastewater, crude oil, LNG, LPG and aviation fuel.

Darendeli Holding has experience in various excavation methods including horizontal direct drilling and the use of tunnel boring machines in various ground conditions.


In general, Drinking Water Projects are; Mains, Warehouse, Pipeline, Drinking Water Pump Stations, Pumping Lines, Catchments, Deep Wells, Pond or Dam Water Intake Prediction etc. And subtracting the costs and costs of the work done with the work done.

In this context, necessary mapping and geotechnical (drilling) studies are also carried out. Darendeli Holding infrastructure has the capacity to have a drinking water projects at national or international standards in every scale with its experience, technical personnel and equipment.


Our completed and ongoing projects consist of works such as approximately 65000 meter steam cured concrete, reinforced concrete and HDP pipe, constructions of sewerage network and collector lines, manholes and parcel manhole connections.


Irrigation and Wastewater construction studies: designing, constructing and maintaining are extremely important in terms of modern urban planning. These operations must be carried out by qualified experts with sufficient experience and technological equipment. Projecting, building, maintenance and repair of channel systems that can be considered as the circulation and discharge system of cities are the professionally carried out works.


Drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities are on the agenda for the first time in terms of urbanism. Qualified construction of drinking water, construction of facilities in the area, construction of transportation channels in accordance with the standards, clean and taking precautions. At Darendeli Holding, provide solution partnerships with local methods for the need for mass housing projects in local goverments. The fact that the wastewater is treated, recycled, or disposed of without harming the environment is also of great importance for the community health in our time.