Darendeli Holding offers innovative power generation solutions including renewable energy such as solar and wind farms. We deliver a range of services to government utilities, independent power providers and remote project developers. The Group has completed a number of power generation and transmission turn-key and upgrade projects, varying from remote project sites to major power utilities. Services include construction, operations, maintenance and refurbishment.

  • Site survey and project design
  • Preparing feasibility reports
  • Measurement of regional and on-the-spot climate data and power analysis
  • Equipment supply in international standards
  • Survey and appropriation works
  • Construction, installation and commissioning
  • Application to EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Board) and processing
  • Transformer – Distribution center projects and installation
  • Power Transmission – Distribution line projects and installation
  • Preparing projects for Scada and Automation systems, panel manufacturing and commissioning
  • Final acceptance for commissioned projects
  • Operation, Servicing and Maintenance


  • Site Identification and Potential Analysis
  • Installation of solar measurement station, data monitoring, control and tracking services
  • Assessment of solar radiation and insolation data
  • Preparing investment evaluation report
  • Preparation and approval of electrical and construction project
  • Selection and supply of suitable panels, inverters and bearer construction
  • Turn-Key Installation of Solar Plants
  • Testing and Commissioning processes
  • Data Tracking and Monitoring Services
  • Technical and commercial operation of commissioned facility


Darendeli Holding is the best address to attain the highest quality and precision services in not only the wind measurement stations, but also the solar measurement stations. Measuring overall (global) and direct radiance, wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity to determine the potential, feasibility, accreditation of measurements, preparing reports required by any financial institution in the globe as well as EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey) installation of solar measurement stations required for PV and CSP applications along with respective reports and turn-key delivery in cooperation with investors are the services we provide.

Using Datalogger and GSM modem for remote access, the measurement data is accessible from anywhere, the data is also automatically sent to the investor, to our company and to the accrediting agency.

By combining the solutions, products and service quality we developed in line with the technological developments and the increasing client requirements, our partner has become a reliable and desired company in solar measurements.

Solar Measurement Station Services

  • Identifying the optimal measurement point in the project site for solar power measurements,
  • Supply, manufacture, shipment and installation of measurement equipment,
  • Monitoring, reporting, supervision and delivery of measurement data to MGM,
  • Servicing and repairs of faults and issues in measurement stations,
  • Periodical mechanical and electronic maintenance of measurement stations to ensure long operation life,
  • Disassembling, shipment, storage as well as delivery and reinstallation in the new site when relocation of measurement station is required


Our constant focus on improving our technology stack, installation processes & performance analysis procedures is what sets us apart from other solar installers. With Darendeli Energy, you know your system will be designed, installed & monitored to the absolute highest professional standard.

We only work with Clean Energy Council approved installers, and our partner installers are ISO9001 certified, CEC accredited & Master Electrician certified. Additionally, we follow strict regulatory, OHS, environmental and quality assurance guidelines to ensure all of our system installations are free from complications.

At Darendeli Energy, we provide monitoring systems that give you real-time information on:

  • Your solar energy system’s performance
  • Your energy usage
  • When and how you’re loading your system
  • How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics